Source Talks: On Kotlin #5 –  with Andrey Breslav & David Denton

Kotlin fans, it's here, our 2nd in-person meet-up.

The evening will consist of talks, discussions, and Q&As with our guest speakers.


Andrey Breslav

Andrey Breslav led the design and development of the Kotlin Programming Language at JetBrains for 10 years.

Andrey will be talking about the languages Kotlin learned from and will have plenty of time for Q and A - so prepare questions you'd like to ask the lead language designer of Kotlin :)


David Denton

David is a London-based Engineering Lead, Trainer and Open Source fanatic. He’s been tippy tapping for about two decades, building software and teams delivering projects working in Finance, Publishing, Internet Provision and the COVID-prevention business. He is the co-creator of http4k, a functional toolkit for building HTTP applications in Kotlin, and spends far too much time thinking about Lego.

Smash Your Adapter Monolith With The Connect Pattern

Server-side code is regularly broken down into manageable chunks, based on endpoints. As a result, it tends to be nicely factored. But over several projects, we noticed that the same was not true of adapters that talk to 3rd party systems. These pieces of code tended to grow uncontrolled and were not given the same level of attention.

We can use the power of Kotlin and take advantage of language features such as Data Classes, Companion Objects, Operator Overloading and Extension Functions to easily do this - but the pattern concepts themselves are applicable to any technology choice or programming model.


Event Detail

6:30pm -9:00 pm

St. Pancras Meeting Rooms, St Chad's St, London, United Kingdom, WC1H 8AG


How to get to the venue

Leave Kings Cross – cross the road towards Standard Hotel/ Burger King

Take a left at Burger King down Belgrove Street

Take 1st right down Chad Street

Venue is on your right

St Pancras Meeting Rooms


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