You're Invited to Source Talks: On Scala #3!


In our On Scala Meetup webinar, our guest speakers Kai and Pavel Shirshov will explore the Pragmatic Pure FP approach to application design and testing with distage.


Pavel and Kai are independent Scala consultants and functional programming enthusiasts with years of hands-on commercial programming experience. Their Scala contributions include izumi-reflect, the only portable compile-time reflection library with subtyping support and the core of ZIO Zlayer; distage, the dependency injection framework and application lifecycle solver with compile-time safety; fiber tracing support in ZIO 1 and many other good things.


Distage is a pragmatic module system for Scala and Scala.js. It combines the simplicity and expressiveness of pure FP with the flexibility and extreme late-binding, traditionally associated with Java dependency injection frameworks, such as Guice.


Our event is for any Scala enthusiasts looking to delve deeper into the language and its ecosystem. The series will bring thought and business leaders together, discussing the interesting, current topics and the challenges they solve with Scala daily.


Whether you prefer Lightbend or Typelevel, Zio or Monix, we want to create a community where we can discuss the latest developments and architectures and how Scala is being used to solve some of the most exciting business problems in software engineering.


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