Hello SuperWomen In Tech Community!

We're thrilled to have you attend the latest panel discussion where we have industry professionals get to the most important matters concerning diversity in the tech industry.

In this Webinar, our panel aims to discuss what it takes to succeed when building and scaling a tech team and how diversity fits into that success.

If you're passionate about tech and diversity, you won't want to miss this.

📍 Meetup via Zoom
📆 25th October
⏱️ 5:00 pm GMT

The Source Talks team will be joined by 2 guest speakers:

Harpreet Dulai
Digital Transformation Expert | Mentor | Trainer

Semen Arslan
Sr. Product Manager at Metro.digital (METRO AG)

As we dive into the topic of unleashing the power of diversity in tech teams

What are our panellists experiences as diverse tech workers?
How can companies harness the power of diversity?
How do we break down stereotypes of tech workers for new comers?
What does scaling a diverse team look like?

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