If you think recruitment is just about Rolexes, click away now. Modern recruitment is about so much more than hitting your numbers and moving on. It’s a place where you can build real skills, market knowledge and relationships. Ready to learn why working in recruitment is more than just sales? Read on.


Skill-based career

You need more than the gift of gab to succeed as a recruiter. Yes, sales skills are important, but you’ll also need to understand your market. This will help you to prepare for the shifts in demand and build a roster of clients & candidates effectively. You’ll need communication skills to get at the heart of what opportunities suit your candidates. And you’ll need project & time management skills to get role openings from brief to filled within strict deadlines. Can you earn very lucrative rewards? Absolutely, but there’s a longer-term payoff to be had when you invest the time to build trust with your clients.


Revolves around people

Modern recruitment firms aren’t soulless CV databases. (There are virtual platforms that serve those purposes.) The modern agency is about creating relationships and providing great customer service to clients and candidates alike. When the average person changes jobs 12 times across their lifetime, you’ll want to be the preferred partner for those moves. Now, instead of placing one person in one role and moving on, you’re taking a strategic approach. You’re thinking about the career journey of your candidates and earmarking them for opportunities on the horizon. You’re also working with your client’s on their succession planning and recruitment strategy. On both sides of the equation, your value is in your expert knowledge and relationships.


That’s what allows you to leave the ordinary behind and forge a successful career in recruitment. Ready to talk about your next move? Get in touch.



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