Artificial intelligence can be scary. We all saw those catastrophic movies with the robots suddenly taking over. We would expect films like that to teach us something, but the only lesson we seem to be able to take in is not to stand too close to robots when Ben Affleck is within a range of 500 meters.

Artificial intelligence seems now to be the one and only solution to workplace problems – and with good reason. It makes tasks easier, it helps in many chores, making them faster and turning the company, overall, into a more productive engine. AI can completely change the everyday life of many companies.

AI and the workers

Despite the obviousness of this, AI can still seem like an obstacle at first. Workers need to be trained to operate it, since many of their duties will change once AI is in the office.

Workers will be sending emails using the speech-to-text function and locking doors using apps on their smartphones. They will even be chatting with online bots able to answer their questions. It’s not just in the future – it’s already a reality in many workplaces.

Many of the products we buy every day were designed and manufactured using artificial intelligence technologies.

AI and the teaching of AI

The most interesting part of this, as experts have already noted, is that AI will play a key role in teaching workers how to use AI. Many of the computer programs and smartphone applications that will train the workers in this field will actually rely on artificial intelligence. AI will give the employees an unprecedented amount of data, which they will now be able to analyse.

AI and the office

First, we have to ask ourselves what AI means. We deal with artificial intelligence every single day. As soon as we wake up, we ask Siri what the weather is going to be like. It’s the same in the workplace.

Just like AI is helping us improve our search results whenever we type something into Google, this type of technology will be tracking activities in the workplace, so that tasks will run faster each time.

AI and the Cloud

Many companies nowadays decided to move all of their data to a virtual cloud, from where every piece of information is accessible to all the employees at any time. Workers are already using services like Dropbox, iCloud and Google Drive in order to share the files they’re working on.

This way is safer as well, because it will be more difficult to lose data, since everybody will be able to download the shared files. This is already showing the employees of different sectors all the benefits of working with AI.

AI and its long-term impact

It’s not easy to estimate the impact that AI will have on companies long term, because it’s still a recent field of technology. We still don’t know how much it will improve the productivity of businesses but, from what we can already see, it seems that the manufacturing process of many products is already benefitting.

Bottom line

Now you know how artificial intelligence could look like in the everyday life of many workplaces. It’s a real digital shift, and, as we were saying, we know it might be scary. If you have any thoughts on the topic about how it might affect the job market, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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