Career satisfaction is something we’re all looking for from our professions. Being happy and fulfilled in a job makes a difference to the quality of your work, to your performance, and to your results.  


Recruitment can be a rewarding career. The chase, the buzz of a signed contract, the rewards. There’s nothing like it but that’s not the only rewarding thing about it, here are some more reasons why we believe recruitment is one of the most rewarding careers you’ll ever have.  


You make a real difference in people’s lives 

How can a recruiter make a difference to people’s lives? You aren’t a heart surgeon or scientist researching ways to beat life-threatening illnesses but hear us out. The average person spends over 84,000 hours across our lifetime and that should be spent somewhere they love. As recruiters, we have the power to find people that special place that they absolutely adore. Making work feel like play. We learn about people’s stories and situations and find the best workplace for them. If that’s not making a significant difference to people’s lives then we don’t know what is. 


You meet a huge range of amazing people 

Clients, colleagues, and candidates. If you’re someone who thrives on personal interaction then you’ll find a career in recruitment hugely rewarding. Your day will be spent engaging with a wealth of people, finding out their stories, their goals, and piecing the puzzle together.  


You can progress through the ranks 

We all love to make progress. In recruitment that doesn’t have to be a process that takes years and years. If you work hard, get results and have the right attitude you’ll be on the fast track to success. Many companies have a transparent structure so you can see your career progression opportunities and you have a clear path for promotion. 


You’re constantly challenged 

No day is the same. Whether it’s being out of the office meeting clients or negotiating contracts, something is always happening. The busy pace pushes you to face new challenges head on so you keep on learning new skills. At the end of every day you’ll be amazed by what you’ve achieved and how much you’ve learned.  


You have freedom 

We will add a caveat to this one. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll have total freedom and autonomy. But you will be able to dictate your day, and once you’re fully trained it’s likely you’ll be running your own clients and candidates. The ability to choose which tasks you do, set your own deadlines and priorities and be flexible with your workload is a big part of the role which makes it so rewarding. 


You get to compete, and hopefully win 

When you work in recruitment you’re constantly in competition. With yourself, with your colleagues, with other recruiters. The thrill when you win is like no other.  Winning relies on your innovation and ability to find new ways to attract the best candidates and clients before trying to pair the two together. There’s no other job out there that fosters such a sense of competition and gives such delight when you win. 


You influence the clients you work with 

Knowing that your work, efforts and opinions make a difference is hugely rewarding. As a recruiter you’re putting forward people to work in someone else’s business, in turn they will make a positive difference to that business. The more experienced you become the bigger that impact through strategic hiring decisions and the client taking your opinions and advice on board.  


You’re rewarded for your hard work 

Regardless of your base salary, with commission you’re directly rewarded for your hard work. The more successful your clients are, the more successful you are. It’s that simple and makes for a thrilling, but infinitely rewarding career. 


When you hit a target, close that deal or conquer every challenge in front of you it’s clear how personally rewarding a career in recruitment can be. Combine that with the positive impact on businesses, and individuals and it adds an extra level of satisfaction to your work. 


Do you want to feel those rewards in your career? Leave the ordinary recruitment career behind and discover your potential. SGI are hiring across our global locations, and we’re looking for talent to join us. Find out more about life at SGI here. 

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