Demand for Cyber Security professionals is at an all time high with over 3.3 million job postings between June 2021-23. For professionals in the industry it might feel that there are endless possibilities but it’s still a tricky market to navigate. 

The type of Cyber Security positions available is expanding, with the skills being filtered into non-IT roles. For job seekers in the industry that means you need to be clear on what specialism you’re interested in, and then have the skills and knowledge to back up that interest. 

Let’s learn more about the market right now and what you can do to succeed in your next job hunt.


The Cyber Security job market right now

With an increase in the number and severity of cyber attacks across the UK there’s been a shift in business’ approach to Cyber Security. That shift has seen the value of the market increase to a might $202 billion by the end of this year and demand for Cyber Security professionals increase. 

The gap between demand and the number of experts available is increasing, with a shortage of 3.5 million Cyber Security professionals worldwide. That makes the market ultra competitive for employers and shifts the power to job hunters. 

But with the business critical need for Cyber Security experts, businesses are looking for the best talent and the most able professionals to work with. That means specialisms and specific skills have never been more important.


Tips to navigate the market

For Cyber Security professionals either looking to enter the market or to secure a new position there are a few things you can do to make navigating the market easier. Let’s take a look.


This is the most important decision you can make. With more focus on Cyber Security, positioning yourself as an expert in a specific area will make you more employable and more in demand. There are a multitude of different areas to specialise in, whether that’s more traditional IT focused areas such as Security Analysts, Security Architects or Auditors. Alternatively there’s Threat Intelligence, Software Development and Digital Forensics to name a few.

Finding an area of Cyber Security that you’re passionate about and focusing your knowledge and experience in that area will help you to progress in your career and build a reputation as an expert in your field.


It’s who you know, not what you know. Ok, so that’s not quite true. But if you’re looking to move into a particular field or work for a specific organisation then utilising your network is a great start. 

Reach out to ex-colleagues, alumni from your university or study days and start building those all important connections. They might not be the person you need to speak to but could do an intro for you and help get your foot in the door.

Relevant qualifications and knowledge

When you’re busy working it’s easy to let things slide but before you start your job hunt double check that your certificates are up-to-date. In such a competitive market certifications like CISSP, CISA and CISM will mark you out from the crowd. 

They also demonstrate your commitment to your career. You should also keep up with the latest developments in your field and show you’re motivated to continue learning. In an industry like Cyber Security where new developments happen almost every day, this is an essential attribute in an employee.

The right support

With demand so high, recruitment moves quickly in the Cyber Security industry. And sometimes, despite all your best intentions you can’t make it work on your own. That’s when you need to start looking for the right support.

Checking the right job boards is the first port of call. There are boards dedicated to Cyber Security such as Cyber Security Jobs, or Careers in Cyber. Scrolling the boards daily and setting up alerts can help notify you on the latest vacancies.

But what about those jobs that don’t make it to a job board? That’s where working with a specialised recruiter can pay dividends. Recruiters like us. Source Group International are award-winning global technology recruitment specialists. We know the Cyber Security industry and can connect great talent, like yours with the best employers.

In such a highly competitive market you need to stay one step ahead. By specialising, making sure your qualifications are up-to-date and seeking out the right support for you, you can capitalise on the high demand for Cyber Security professionals. Don’t just talk about finding your next position, make it happen.


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