Relocating can be daunting. Moving away from an area you know, your friends and family and the feeling of belonging can make many of us miss out on opportunities in other locations.

But relocated can be a real opportunity. Without being tied to a specific area you can pursue your dream job, or look to move to a more affordable location. But it’s how you go about relocating that determines whether you sink or swim.

Your mindset, the research you do beforehand and your overall compensation package all impact the end result. Read on to find out how to thrive in a relocation situation.

Pursuing the dream job in a new area

Whether you’re being asked to relocate by your current employer or you’re job hunting. Removing the stigma attached to moving can be a blessing in disguise for your career. When you’re limited to a particular geographic region, or a maximum commuting distance you’re limiting yourself. Now add that to the shrinking job pool the further up the career ladder you climb.

For those serious about career progression or specialising in a particular field, relocating can offer you the opportunity to pursue your dream job or your ideal employer.

The world’s getting smaller

Keeping in touch with friends and family, and reservations about the people you’re leaving behind is often one of the hardest parts of relocating. But with the communication tools at our fingertips and increased transport options keeping in touch has never been easier.

The world has become smaller, more accessible and distance isn’t the barrier it once was.

Meeting new people has also been made easier by the influx of communication tools. Dating apps, friendship apps, and online groups make it more straightforward to connect with people in your new area who share similar interests.

But how can you make sure that your relocation is a great opportunity and one that enhances your life?

Do your homework

Before you dismiss relocating or a new area out of hand, do your research. Have you been to the area? What’s it like? Are there things to do there? What’s the housing situation? How commutable would the job be?

There’s so much more to changing area than just moving house. Check out the local bars, restaurants, gyms, whatever it is you’re into. Spend time there and see what it’s really like, rather than a quick Google street map search.

Mind over matter

Do you really believe it’s an opportunity or are you secretly dreading it?

The way you approach relocation can have an impact on the result. If you go in, full of doubt, and resenting the move then you’re going to find the situation far harder to deal with. But if you’re excited about what might come, dying to get stuck into the job and walk in on your  first day with a spring in your step, you’ll thrive.


Does your new role offer remote working? If so, could you work from your parents house once a month or go stay with friends and work from cafes during the day? There are ways to build in time to keep in touch and spend time with your loved ones.

Relocation doesn’t have to mean the end of relationships. Meet ups might just take slightly more planning than they used to.


There are two types of benefits you need to consider. Firstly, is your overall compensation package for your new role - how does that compare to where you are now? Are there any extra benefits that add to its value?

But the other benefits you should think about are those unexpected ones. Maybe house prices are cheaper in the area you’re looking, so you could buy your first home. Or you might be able to walk to work instead of a half hour train journey so you’d save money. Those type of benefits are easy to overlook but in terms of your quality of life, they can be absolute game changers.

Creating the life you want

At the end of the day it’s all about what sort of life you want to live. You can stay in your comfort zone, waiting for the right job, in the right area, with the right pay to pop up. Or you can take control.

Relocation might not be what you planned but it can offer you new opportunities, not just in terms of work, but meeting new people, visiting new places and expanding your horizons. It can boost your confidence and help you intentionally create the life you want to live rather than the one that’s evolved over time.

Take control, think positively, do your research and pursue your dream opportunities first, then think about location second.

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