In January 2022, SGI partnered with environmental organisation Ecologi. We aim to fund the planting of hundreds of trees throughout the course of this year, every placement we make at SGI, we plant a tree.

Our promise to support Ecologi is part of the SGI CSR commitment.

Our mission statement is clear – “dedicated to the highest level of customer service, driving sustainable improvement and investing in our people”. CSR plays a vital role in helping us achieve this, but even more importantly, it’s a moral and social imperative. Guided by our core values, our CSR promise is a positive commitment to the environment and communities we engage with. It forms the bedrock of our business operations.

Ecologi are on an incredible mission to reduce CO2 emissions by 50% by 2040, and we’re pretty excited to play a part in this global campaign.

Ecologi plants trees in Madagascar, Indonesia, Haiti, Mozambique & Kenya & so far has planted 34,033,725 trees

1,394,345 certified tonnes CO2 reduced have been reduced so far.

It’s the start of our SGI journey, but exciting to announce we’ve already reached 300 trees. (great news!)

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