Our 1st in-person Source Talks: On Kotlin Meetup was a great success!


Thank you to our guest speakers, Michele Sollecito and Aditya Sofat for their interesting talk on Coroutines and flows in Kotlin, and for delivering a fantastic live coding session. As well as Duncan McGregor and Dmitry Kandalov on Refactoring from Spring Boot.


We love bringing our community together for events like this, which is why we launched our On Kotlin Meetup page as part of Source Talks Community.

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Event Information:

Michele Sollecito and Aditya Sofat - Coroutines and flows in Kotlin.

Overview of Coroutines theory/Why?
- Implementation of Continuation
- Light weight Threads
- Suspension Points

Use Case
- non blocking/async programming

Practical Use Demonstrating
- Coroutine Builders - ( DefaultDispatcher and how to change Thread Pool)
- async/await use case

suspend fun loadAndCombine(name1: String, name2: String): Image {
val deferred1 = async( loadImage(name1))
val deffered2 = async( loadImage(name1))
return combinedImage(deffered1.await(), deffered2.await())

Using Job and SupervisorJob to show the difference as well as Job Cancellation

Coroutine Structured Concurrency

- Hot vs Cold
- Built-in back pressure handling
- Changing Dispatcher
- MutableSharedFlow example


Duncan McGregor and Dmitry Kandalov - Dependency Injection: Refactoring from Spring to Kotlin

Dependency injection libraries and frameworks seem to be so common these days that even the simplest projects start with introducing a DI framework. There are some good reasons to use DI frameworks, but in general, they can be less useful than expected. In this live coding session, I will take you on a refactoring journey moving a small web application from Spring to pure Kotlin. You will see how using modern language constructs can help achieve most benefits of DI frameworks without the need for reflection or compiler plugin magic.

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