As we enter the final stretch of 2022 our thoughts naturally turn to what 2023 might bring. The world of tech is constantly changing with new developments constantly happening.

It’s exciting to think about what the future will bring and what technological advancements will be made that by this time next year will have directly influenced the way we work.

Let’s take a look at the 7 technology trends we think will be the ones to watch in 2023.


AI has been playing a large part in technology for longer than most realise. Smart algorithms used in online shopping, travel navigation and entertainment rely on AI technology. But it’s not going to stop there.

AI is going to continue to embed itself into the fabric of our technological world, becoming more accessible and adaptable. For some industries this could lead to AI taking on some human jobs, but other roles will be created to navigate those changes. It’s an exciting time for AI and 2023 will see it reach new heights.


Ideas around what the metaverse is are so varied that it’s best to think of an immersive digital world. 2023 should bring further clarity and development around the opportunities, available tech and its value through broadening the reach and use beyond early adopters and tech enthusiasts.

This presents an opportunity for businesses to think about how they engage with the Metaverse - whether that’s targeting customers or training and virtual learning environments to connect remote workers together. Embracing and resourcing these opportunities could be a challenge for the business community.


Currently blockchain is primarily used in the financial sector but throughout 2023 we’ll see this secure technology extended to healthcare, government and education.

The ability to decentralise trust and security away from a specific organisation in a way that can’t be tampered with will drive innovations in security and data exchange. Whether that’s in storing and transferring personal data - like health records, or to create long-term authentication of high-end products the applications for blockchain will be endless.


COVID-19 saw a rapid acceleration in the adoption and development of technology and that’s not set to slow down anytime soon. Investment in technology and online expansion will continue to increase to accommodate the change in user behaviours and usage.

Remote working, cloud technology and online shopping have been transformed over recent years and it looks like 2023 will be another year of accelerated digital transformation.


An app to turn your kettle on is just the start. Hyperconnectivity - or how devices connect and communicate, will be a trend for 2023. The Internet of Things is set to ramp up and work more effectively across a broader range of tasks.

Developments in 5G, and in the not too distant future 6G, mean communication will be faster than ever and you’ll be able to slice communication so it exists in isolation.


The cloud has existed since XX and through COVID-19 we’ve seen more businesses adopt cloud working. But now the focus has shifted to alternatives.

Edge computing and fog computing have appeared recently, offering faster and easier data processing. Throughout 2023 not only will we see more viable alternatives to cloud computing emerging and working their way into mainstream technology working but we’ll also see hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure emerging.


Technology adds so many possibilities to the world, particularly with the ability to link devices, technologies and platforms together. That’s where hyper-automation comes in. It’s taking automation and putting it on steroids to help automate as many IT and business processes as possible. Doing so reduces human error, increases accuracy and productivity and frees up working time from replicable tasks.

Developments in process mapping tools, RPA, AI and machine learning will create more opportunities to hyper automate and that will generate more benefits for businesses.

The exciting thing about technology is that something new is bound to make its way onto that list and blow us away with its capabilities. For now, we’re going to keep our eyes on those 7 technologies and see if our predictions come true.

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