Although it is a relatively new field in the minds of most people today, cloud computing has actually been in existence for over 20 years. It has a myriad of benefits including giving businesses an advantage over their competition, making companies more effective in their internal functioning and also reducing costs, however it is only in the past few years that cloud technology has gone mainstream and burst onto the scene.




It is estimated that around 70% of business already operate some form of cloud service on a daily basis as the benefits are clearly seen, and more and more business are beginning to understand how exactly they can harness the technology for their own interests. As businesses become more globally minded with users and customers now reaching into the millions instead of just a few hundred, the limit of in-house servers is being reached at a quicker pace, as are the programs and systems which keep their business ticking.


Many businesses have come to rely heavily on cloud-based services, service which they can access the bulk of their own information without having to store it themselves. Some of these systems are free, but it is becoming increasingly more desirable to opt for paid cloud storage which also covers the security and data protection aspect needed for sensitive information.


A secure connection is imperative in these days of hacks and data leaks or breaches. Without realising it, businesses are already making use of services which are cloud based such as Gmail, Instagram and Facebook, but not in the way in which they store all of their information for later retrieval.



In the changing world, cloud services are becoming imperative, so let’s take a look at some of the many benefits of implementing cloud for business purposes.

  1. To be flexible. Users from around the world can access a document, a spreadsheet or a PowerPoint presentation wherever they have internet access.
  2. To allow scalability. There are times when business need to scale up or down storage quickly, and cloud computing is there for as much or as little as you need.
  3. A choice of tools. Cloud servers and systems often have tools readymade to be used by the client, so no investment of time or money is needed into creating or developing their own.
  4. A variety of options. Choose a free server with limited storage options, or choose a private paid -for cloud service that has added security.
  5. You’re in control. Control how much you use because the software is a service, so you can vary your business model in the cloud with SaaS, PaaS or even IaaS.
  6. More efficient. Wherever you are in the world you can upload data that can be accessed by any member of your organisation, much more efficient than having to be there in person.
  7. Accessible. With a single set of passwords, anybody in your organisation can have access to documents and data stored in the cloud without consistently having to ask for clearance.
  8. Money saving. There’s no doubt that the right cloud setup is going to save you money. You can choose a pay-as-you-go service so you only pay for what you need and use.
  9. Better productivity. Say goodbye to the slow and unsafe ways of saving and storing data on in-house servers, your workers will benefit from the fact information is available at a click.
  10. More secure. When everything is stored in the cloud, you rely on the hosts own superior levels of security which are often stronger and cheaper than you could create yourself.
  11. As businesses increasingly adopt cloud technology for its flexibility and efficiency, the demand for expert guidance has surged, leading to a rise in cloud consultant roles, where professionals can help companies navigate the complex landscape of cloud computing.
  12. With the growing reliance on cloud services and the critical need for robust security measures, there's a significant increase in jobs in cloud security development, catering to the need for specialised skills in protecting cloud-based systems and data.


There are many reasons to get onboard with cloud technology, and in this world that is constantly changing, cloud provides a stable solution that allows you to grow with the times, adapting and changing your business model to always stay one step ahead.


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