When you stop to consider that there are approximately 600 different programming languages in use right now, then you will probably be keen to find out which ones to learn about and which ones to avoid. To help you work out which ones deserve your attention, we have listed the top programming languages of 2022 below, why not take a look right now?

  1. Python

Developed by Guido van Rossum, Python has been around since the 90s and is now the most popular programming language in the world. However, this language did not experience a meteoric rise, nor could it be described as a disruptive language. Instead, the slow and steady approach has propelled Python to the top spot.

  1. JavaScript

Born from a prototype that only took Brendan Eich ten days to develop, JavaScript has steadily become a dynamic and high-level language in the programming world. It is a language that is used across the world and is employed in pretty much every part of the tech world. From browser to mobile devices and microcontrollers to servers, JavaScript plays its part exceptionally well.

  1. Java

Labelled as possibly the most disruptive programme languages of all time, Java continues to be a popular choice across the globe. However, more recently, Java has started to lose its appeal slightly with the introduction of new languages. Despite its losses in the cloud arena, Java still remains the first choice for enterprises.

  1. C#

C# was designed by Anders Hejlsberg for the Common Language Initiative at Microsoft. Initially, it was deemed to be a copy of Java, but as it evolved, the two languages became more individual. You will find C# in use on Windows, iOS and Linux/.

  1. C

C is proof that you do not need to be brand new to be disruptive, and whilst this language was developed in the late 60s to early 70s, it retains the title of most influential programming languages. The reality is the C is probably a key influencer in every other language on our list! It is purely platform-dependent because it is not portable, but it is still a great choice when you want to make optimum use of your hardware.

  1. C++

Originally designed as an extension of the C programme, C++ has become a highly popular general-purpose language that offers low-level memory access. Over the years, C++ has lost out to Java because it offers too much complexity and is incredibly hard to master.

  1. Swift

Created by Chris Lattner for Apple, this new general-purpose language offers improved productivity for developers and supports LLVM. It is dubbed as one of the best languages to learn if you are keen to learn more about programming languages and is swiftly growing in popularity.

  1. PHP

Developed in the 90s, PHP was first a set of Common Interface binaries that were written in C to help the creation of dynamic applications. As it grew in popularity, it added additional functions and slowly grew into a language in its own right. While it is likely to be around for many years to come, PHP is losing popularity and slowly being replaced by other languages.

  1. Go

Another modern programming language, Go was created by Google to be an easy to learn language that is easy to scale and is pragmatic. It does lack somewhat in the feature department but has quickly become popular with programmers across the globe. We think it’s one to watch.

  1. Ruby

Released in the 90s, Ruby was created by Yukihiro Matsumoto to offer an object-oriented scripting language. As time has passed the language has evolved successfully to become a general-purpose language and is now implemented in C. It may not be as well-known as the likes of Python, but Ruby is a great first language for anyone that is new to developing.

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