Hello and welcome to "The VC Corner," Part of the SGI Podcast & Source Talks Community.

Each episode of The VC Corner is designed to delve into the often-invisible realm of venture capital (VC) and private equity (PE) firms and bring forth invaluable insights from seasoned angel investors.

We will be exploring the unique aspects of these powerful financial institutions, shedding light on their operations, strategies, and influence on the economic landscape. Aspiring entrepreneurs and founders will find value in our deep dives into the mechanics of scaling a startup from scratch.
We delve into:

  • Securing funding for growth
  • Providing insights into the pitch process
  • Term sheet negotiations
  • Due diligence

And much much more. 
Whether you're an investor seeking insights into your next big investment, a startup founder looking for guidance, or just a curious individual eager to understand the world of high-stakes investing, The VC Corner has something for you!

If you want to watch the full video podcast you can here on our youtube channel